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Singing Lessons that Kids Love

"My daughter just loved singing lessons at Hope,  they were so much more than what I expected" - Kristy


Grow your child's confidence and love of music with joyful singing lessons that are packed with songs, games and activities that kids just love

Exclusive Singing Program

The Young Singers program has been designed to safely develop young children's beautiful singing voices. 


The program and lesson resources - including our exclusive method book have been written and selected by our degree qualified singing teacher Mrs Shields. 

"My Kids enjoyed their first singing lesson with Mrs Shields - they didn't even mind practicing at home" - Sia

Songs Kids Love to Sing

We know young children want to sing songs that are appealing, and so we have sourced licences to a whole range of age approprate songs that will have your child singing all the way home from lessons.

"Thanks for the wonderful job you do and all the effort you put in for the kids" - Anne

Concert Performances and Examinations

All our singing students will be provided at least one opportunity per year to perform a solo song in one of our studio concerts.  These concerts are a great way for singers to develop thier performing skills and to grow their confidence.


Once children have reached the age of 10 and have had at least one year of singing lessons they will be given the opportunity to begin preparing for an AMEB singing examination.  We offer preparation for AMEB Classical, Leisure and Musical Theatre Singing examinations.

Experience a Singing Lesson on Us

Let your child discover what it is like to learn singing at Hope Performing Arts Centre.  Simply fill in the form below or call 0432 685 383 to begin the process of booking your child's very first singing lesson.  

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