Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Most kids love to sing. From birth, children are encouraged to communicate through sound. Parents often echo back the sounds encouraging speech development. It is no wonder that kids are naturally drawn to singing as a way to express themselves.

The benefits of learning to sing as a child are wide-ranging; singing lessons promote good vocal health, early speech and literacy development, healthy friendships and listening ears.

The singing programs at Hope Performing Arts Centre are age appropriate and progressive to ensure that your child can confidently learn to express themselves through singing

Young Singers Preschool/Kinder Program (ages 4 to 6)

Very young children learn at different rates and require specialised individual instruction that is engaging and age-appropriate.  Our private preschool/kinder singing lessons are joyful and full of music and activities that will build their confidence literacy and speaking skills.

Along the way, they will learn many fun songs, singing games, rhythm challenges and sight singing activities.  Children who graduate from our preschool singing lessons into our Young Singers Classes do so with confidence and a beautiful singing voice.

Day and Time

20-minute private preschool lessons are available on Thursdays between 5 and 6pm

Cost $32.50 per week - Inclusive of GST (minimum 12-week commitment)

Young Singers School age program (ages 6 to 9)

This joyful class is jam-packed with songs that kids love. From Raining Cats and Dogs to Pickles the Hedgehog, your child will be joyfully developing confidence and a beautiful singing voice while having lots of fun.  As your child's voice develops the program carefully helps your child transition from folk and fun songs to beginner music theatre repertoire including songs like Let's Go Fly a Kite and Happiness.

This class focuses on developing beginner vocal techniques and a confident stage voice through learning to sing some fantastic songs. Each class includes sight-singing instruction, singing games, rhythm challenges and music-writing activities and is delivered by one of our nurturing singing teachers

Day and Time

Tuesday 5:30 - 6:15pm

Monday 4 - 4:45pm

Cost $32.50 per class - Inclusive of GST (minimum 12-week commitment)

P1 Program (ages 9 to 12)

Once children reach the age of 9 they can begin to develop their voice to sing in community and commercial musicals. The P1 program is designed to support the young developing voice while at the same time teaching students stage presence, concert and audition techniques.

Students who are in the P1 program are invited to participate in studio concerts twice a year, music theatre singing exams (once they reach the age of 10) and audition preparation sessions.  This class also includes our online music craft course so your child can learn to write their own songs.

Day and Time

Thursday 6 - 7pm

Cost $40.10 per class - Inclusive of GST (minimum 12-week commitment)

Experience a Singing Lesson on Us

Let your child discover what it is like to learn singing at Hope Performing Arts Centre.  Simply fill in the form below or call 0432 685 383 to begin the process of booking your child's very first singing lesson.