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Surprisingly, little kids can learn music with personalised unique lessons.

When my youngest child was four he liked to try and play the tunes my piano students were playing. He tried to pick out the notes of the songs they were playing on the piano by ear. It was then that I knew he needed proper lessons piano lessons. So I put my educator's hat on and began modifying the piano lessons I was teaching my older students to meet the educational needs of a much younger child. He thrived and has grown to love making music both on and off the stage.

Like most piano and singing teachers, I used to turn away children who were younger than 8. There are many good reasons to turn away these students, however, learning to play an instrument or discovering music through singing lessons at a young age has many benefits that outweigh holding off waiting until they are older. Over the past eight years in collaboration with my singing teachers, we have been developing programs and acquiring resources to help our youngest students experience success and develop their love of music.

Introducing Sing and Play

A private one-on-one singing and piano program for children aged four to eight years.

In this program, your child will experience:

* A personalised program that can adjust to their learning style and pace so they will get the most out of every lesson.

* Sing songs that will enhance their vocabulary, listening and speaking skills.

* Learn piano tunes that will give them musical confidence.

* Creative opportunities that will allow them to express their inner musician.

Sing and Play Program Includes

Weekly 30-minute private singing and piano lessons.

Each week your child will participate in an individually crafted 30-minute piano and singing lesson. These lessons are designed with activities that will have your child singing songs they love and playing piano tunes with confidence right from their very first lesson.

30 Minute Music Engagement session 

This very first session is offered complimentary to any new student to our studio. In this session, your child’s teacher will provide a range of musical activities to see how they engage with music and begin to develop their learning plan. This plan will be shared with you at the end of the session. By the end of this session, your child will be able to play at least 2 simple tunes and sing one simple song with confidence.

End of the term Buddy Concerts 

Getting up on stage can be an overwhelming experience for most children this is why we provide an intimate short concert experience in our studio in Middleton Grange. These first experiences provide a way for your child to learn performing skills without the high stakes. In these concerts mistakes are allowed, parents or teachers sitting next to their children as they perform is allowed and lots of support from audience members is encouraged. Students having these supportive positive first experiences performing move on to the larger concert performing environment with ease.

Music Buddy Bonus 

Young children love toys, but often they can be left behind in lessons or become a distraction for them. However, as play is a big part of the learning process each child who enrols in the sing and play program receives a music buddy, a special toy that we use in lessons to develop rhythm confidence and hand strength.  

Would you like to join us?

We are now taking enrolments for 2024. 

But spots are limited

Unfortunately at this time we only have 8 sing and play vacancies available for 2023

Click the button below to book a complimentary first lesson today.

Check out what our families are saying

"Miss Emma is very passionate about music and is extremely patient with children. It's very evident that she has so much experience with teaching children of all ages to learn and appreciate music. We couldn't be happier with our experience and would highly recommend this centre." - Rod

"My daughter has been going for 2 years to Hope Performing Art Center. And loving it. I highly recommend it to everyone to learn music with them. No stress and fun program makes my daughter enjoy learning piano". - Natalia

"So much more than a singing lesson,  this program has supported my daughter with her language development as well" - Kristy

Contact Us - emmacollyer@hopeperformingartscentre.com.au

Location 12 Brinsmead Ave Middleton Grange

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