Our teachers provide high quality, enjoyable and engaging lessons and resources to our students and a high level of support to parents in the form of unit videos.  We know that it takes a lot of commitment to be really good at playing an instrument and a lot of fun to turn that learning into a love of music.  This is why we need a commitment from every parent to continue to nurture and support their child's musical growth at home by completing the activities and tasks with their child set out in each weeks homework.

Missed Lessons

If your child is going to miss a lesson please inform Mr Bill by sending him an email to williamcollyer@hopeperformingartscentre.com.au as soon as possible.  For parents who provide 24 hour notice or more for a missed lesson they will be entitled to a make up lesson.  Make up lessons are limited to 1 per term for students on a 10 week term pass (must be made up prior to the end of the term the lesson is missed) or unlimited if your child is on a year round membership (either up front or direct debit).  For those who have unlimited makeups they must be made up within 6 months of missing the lesson.  If a direct debit membership is cancelled all make up lessons will be forfeited.


Annual Memberships - 12 Month Memberships are an upfront payment paid prior to lessons beginning.  If a child ceases lessons within the 12 months,  the remainder of the membership may be transferred to another member of the family or to a family friend.  It will not be re-funded.

Ongoing Memberships - An ongoing membership is a fortnightly direct debit membership.  When the membership begins a payment equal to 2 fortnights will be debited from your account.  Each fortnight after this your membership payment will be debited directly from your account.   

An ongoing membership is continuously debited each fortnight until we are given written notification in the form of our lesson cancelation form.  A minimum of 12 weeks commitment is required for an ongoing membership,  with 4 weeks notice required to cancel the membership after this point.  At cancellation you will receive notification of your child's last lesson date via the email you have provided us upon enrolment.

26 fortnightly payments gives families 48 weeks of continuous access to the membership program they have been subscribed into. (i.e. fortnightly membership payment is =  12.88 days access to the studio) 

An ongoing membership will be cancelled on our end and lessons cease immediately if the following happen.

  1. The member cancels their direct debit payment
  2. There is a permanent failure with a members payments
  3. There are continuous failed payments - (in this case we will first try to rectify the issue with you,  if a solution can not be found we will need to cancel lessons).

10 Week/Term Passes - Payment can be made via EFT or through pinch payments by the invoice due date,  students will not be allowed into lessons if their term pass has not been paid.  Term passes are only available to students who were enrolled prior to August 2022.  Students must remain continuously enrolled to access this payment option.  If they take a break from lessons for any length of time they will not be offered a term pass option

Membership Cancellations

An annual membership can be cancelled anytime after the first 12 weeks with 4 weeks notice given.  Once your cancellation has been processed you will be given a date for your child's last lesson.  Any outstanding make-up lessons after this date will be forfeited.

Pick up and drop off

When children are dropped at HPAC please ensure that you accompany them to the door and wait with them until their teacher collects them.  If you drop and leave please ensure that you return 5 mins prior to the end of your child’s lesson. 

If your child is late to their lesson, their lesson time will not run over to accommodate this please ensure that you arrive on time.

If parents are late their child can be collected from the waiting area at the back of the studio.  Please note that this area is not supervised.


Staff, students and parents are expected to treat each other with respect and kindness.  We highly value community at our studio and the joy that being with each other brings.  We all work together to help every student along their musical journey and we value that ever student is different and has different goals and needs.  

Please bring to the studio

A wiliness to learn and discover new things

Your books and materials

Kindness and respect for others

Please leave at home

Any special toys that your child would miss if they went missing or would be a distraction during lessons

Food and Drinks (with the exception of water or a meal that is provided for your child to consume in the waiting area only (no food is allowed in teaching rooms)

Chewing Gum