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Young Children can Learn Piano Too

When I first started teaching young beginner piano students (children aged 8 and under) in 2016, I made all the rookie mistakes,  I taught them from method books that were designed for older children and I expected them to practice like my older students and just like most piano teachers who have attempted to teach piano to students under the age of 8 I found the drop out rate was high.

But unlike most piano teachers,  rather than refusing to teach young children or accepting the high dropout rate, I began to research the best practices, method books and teaching approach needed to help these youngest students not only learn piano,  but thrive and learn just as quickly as those students who are 9 and older.

Take a moment to listen to one of our young beginner students Cecelia below

At just 5 years of age and only 15 lessons Cecelia was already playing her favourite tunes on the piano using real music.  Just 18 months on and she is beginning to learn her very first examination pieces and managed to get to this point in the same amount of time that our older students do.

So how is it possible for very young children to be playing their favourite nursery rhymes and become confident note readers in such a short space of time?  How is it possible for them to learn at the same rate as their older peers and sometimes even faster.

Well I'll tell you

Introducing Piano Prodigies

A comprehensive piano learning program designed specifically for 5 - 8 year olds. 

In this program your child will have

  • Access to teachers who are specifically trained to teach piano to young students.  Most piano tutors are unaware of the different needs of younger students so will often tell parents to wait to start lessons or the student will progress very slowly.  Our teachers understand how these younger students learn and through using age appropriate teaching strategies, method books and materials our young beginners are able to confidently learn at the same rate as their older counterparts.
  • Depending on the program that you choose, your child will have between 2 - 6 times more face to face time with their teachers.  We know that younger children require regular feedback to ensure that they learn to play the piano with ease and confidence and so this is why more time with their teacher and play on the piano is key to the success of students in the piano prodigies program
  • Access to our complete Very Useful Library allowing them to use their new found skills across a variety of pieces. Most teachers use only 2 or 3 pieces to teach each concept to students which does not provide enough variety for young children to practice and feel confident in their skills.  Having access to the Very Useful Library means that students can explore each new skill in more depth with books that will engage their imagination and curiosity for learning.
  • Year round access to lessons ensuring that your child maintains forward progress,  forget the holiday slump, the stall in progress or even the going backwards that frustrates many children and parents and often lead to slower progress and learning gaps.  Having access to lessons year round means that your child will be continually  to confidently move forward in their piano journey and towards playing pieces that they want to learn and that inspire them to make music.

Program Inclusions

Piano Prodigies Classes

  • This is the core of the program - in these classes students learn new concepts and skills along with 3 - 5 pieces new pieces of music each week that they can play at home.  Students who attend multiple classes a week can learn up to 15 pieces of music each week and rocket their way through the beginner method books with ease and confidence.

Instructional and Progress Videos

  • We know that for many families who come to our studio their child is the very first person in their family to learn an instrument.  So to help parents and their child we provide high quality instructional videos at each new piano prodigies level.  Along with this as your child levels up you will also receive an email that will include a short video performance of your child and a links to a range of extra resources that your child can use at home to keep their practice sessions fun.

Momentum Reports

  • Every 3 months  (12 Lessons) your child will receive a momentum report.  This report will show your child's progress towards their current goals and will give recommendations on what they will be working towards next.  Along with the report you will receive a  link to book in a 10 min check in session with a the piano prodigies co-ordinator to discuss your child's report and set new goals for them for the next 12 weeks.

Limited Time Bonus - Hope Kids Music Class

  • Young children love to explore and create - our Hope Kids Music Class allows young children to gain confidence with musical skills such as rhythmic fluency and note reading confidence while exploring their creativity by writing their own tunes.  Developing musical skills through exploration helps our piano prodigy students to gain an understanding of what it is to be musical and helps them to feel confident exploring this in their regular Piano Prodigies Classes.  This Bonus is only available for students who enrol in the Piano Prodigies Program before the 30th July.

Miss Emma is very passionate about music and is extremely patient with children. It's very evident that she has so much experience with teaching children of all ages to learn and appreciate music. We couldn't be happier with our experience and would highly recommend this centre.   - Rod Agassi

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