Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

The piano is a great first instrument to start a child's musical experience. Because the piano is so versatile, from the very first lesson children are able to play tunes they know and can spend many rewarding years studying it and continue to grow in their ability to play more complex pieces with beauty and skill. 

When learning to play the piano young children are developing their brains. Studies show that children who learn to play a musical instrument do better at school in Math, Science and English.  

The Piano Programs at Hope Performing Arts Centre cater for children as young as 3 to adults of any age.  Each program has been specifically designed to be age-appropriate and a joyful experience for the learner.

Petite Piano Program - Preschool/Kindergarten (ages 3 - 6 years)

Very young children learn at different rates and require specialised individual instruction that is engaging and age-appropriate.  Our private preschool/kinder Piano lessons are joyful and full of music and activities that will build their confidence literacy and speaking skills.

Following either the Wunderkeys Preschool Method or The My First Piano Adventures Method.  Your child is fully supported as they begin their musical journey on the piano.  Each lesson includes games, ear training, rhythm rhymes, piano duets and lots of music-making on the piano.  

Children who have parent-supported practice at home quickly move through the preschool program with confidence and joy.

Day and Time

20-minute private preschool lessons are available on

Thursdays between 11:30am and 12:30pm

Saturdays Between 12noon and 1pm

Cost $32.50 per week - Inclusive of GST (minimum 12-week commitment)

Piano Prodigies primary school age program (ages 6 to 11)

The piano prodigies classes - piano lessons that your child will love.  With method books that support individualized learning,  games that promote strong music reading skills and teachers that nurture age-appropriate technique and artistry; the piano prodigies classes are the perfect beginning for building musical confidence and a life long love of music.

With a focus on gaining independence at the piano,  your child will have no problems practising at home and will fill your house with Joyful tunes including the popular Twinkle Twinkle Cookie Jar (a hilarious twist on twinkle twinkle little star) within the first 4 months of lessons. 

Class Days and Times

Monday 4pm and 5:30pm

Tuesday 4pm and 6:15pm

Friday 4:15pm

Saturday 1pm

Cost $32.50 per class per week - Inclusive of GST (minimum 12-week commitment)

Teen and Adult Beginner Program (ages 12 and Up)

Learning the piano is for everyone. Older tweens, teens and adults want to learn the piano for a variety of different reasons and require specialised individual lessons with a clear plan of how they are going to reach that goal.

Private piano lessons at Hope Performing Arts Centre are designed to help you the learner gain confidence with music and piano skills.  We do this by exploring music that resonates best with you.  Right from the first lesson we want you to be playing music that sounds great and that you enjoy and we work with you to ensure that we are always meeting your goals as a learner.

Day and Time

30-minute private piano lessons are available on 

Mondays 10am - 12 noon

Thursdays 7:30 - 8:30pm

Saturdays 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Cost $48.75 per 30 minute private lesson - Inclusive of GST (minimum 12-week commitment)

Experience a Piano Lesson on Us

Let your child discover what it is like to learn piano at Hope Performing Arts Centre.  Simply fill in the form below or call 0432 685 383 to begin the process of booking your child's very first piano lesson.