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Location: Unit 6 38-40 Whyalla Place Preston

Can my four year old really learn the piano?

In 2016, a family friend asked me to teach their 4-year-old the piano. Having never taught a child that young, I questioned if it were possible to teach children who had not started school how to play the piano. I wondered if their little fingers could play the keys if their little minds could understand reading musical notation, and if they could focus for long enough to sit through a traditional 30-minute private piano lesson.


This first little 4-year-old and those who came after her surprised me with their eagerness to learn, their creativity and their playfulness. I discovered that it is possible to teach a 4-year-old how to play the piano and for them to experience the joy of making music.


Since 2016 I have learned a lot about teaching these youngest students and what it takes to guide them to become long-term successful music learners. It has led me to create a program designed to inspire your child's creativity, support their long-term musical outcomes and provide a place that is full of joyful music-making.


You're invited to take a look at our Petite Piano Program. A program inspired by preschoolers' natural curiosity and playfulness.

Welcome to the Petite Piano Program

  • Supporting real music learning and piano playing - including how to read musical notation.  
  • Designed to foster your child's love of music in a joyful and creative environment.
  • Provide parents with all the resources they need to continue their child's joyful music-making experience at home.

Program Inclusions

  • Weekly piano play sessions. Let your child explore all the aspects of music-making while learning new songs to sing and play on the piano.


  • Rhyme and Rhythm time will engage your child confidently with characters that will inspire your child's imagination.


  • Lots of take-home games. One of the keys to having a successful piano learning experience with your young child is providing a playful way to engage with the piano. So we provide you with all the games and activities we do in class (including videos) so your child can have fun at home developing essential practice habits needed to become a good pianist.

What Our Parents Say


Miss Emma is very passionate about music and is extremely patient with children. It's very evident that she has so much experience with teaching children of all ages to learn and appreciate music. We couldn't be happier with our experience and would highly recommend this centre.


Rod Agassi

Want to know more?

Want to find out more about our Petite Piano Program? When you book a one-on-one meet and greet session with one of our qualified piano teachers, your child will experience their first piano lesson free, and you will have an opportunity to explore the facilities and ask questions. But be quick there is a limited number of places available on Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons. Fill in the form below to reserve your child's meet and greet session.

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