Nurturing Children’s Musical Potential

We Believe ...

...That every student has musical potential and that it is our job to nurture that potential.

...That learning an instrument should the best thing about every child’s week

...That making music together helps build community and creates a place of understanding and acceptance of others.

...That enabling children to discover their creative potential has long lasting impacts on their future

...That it takes courage to try new things and that with the right support every child can learn to play an instrument.


Since 2015 we have been inspiring children with the joy of music.  Nourishing young minds with the power of music and providing them with musical skills that will last a life time.

It is through child centre programs, and the commitment of our caring teachers that children are able to discover the joy that playing an instrument can bring both to them and to others.  Along side learning an instrument children are given the opportunity to create their own music as a way of self expression or even learn how to use music’s unique way of telling stories to influence communities.

Bringing music to children lives is the best part of our week as we know that it will be with them for life.

"Coming from a non musical back ground, Morris is thriving at Hope Performing Arts Centre. His love of the piano grows every week. Every other music school does just piano lesson, Hope gives you the knowledge of music and also piano.  Hope makes it fun for the kids!!" - Nisha