Music and Move Mini Sessions

"Being able to learn with her friends has meant that Rowan is alway excited to go to music and dance classes.  Through the teacher's gentle and fun loving approach to teaching, Rowan has learnt a love for performing and to have confidence in her own abilities" - Erin

Your child will be joyfully singing and dancing, making new friends and learning all about the wonderful world of music and dance as they participate in 5 weeks of our full program of general classes at Hope Performing Arts Centre.

Explorers 5 week Class Pass

Tuesdays from 3:30pm

Includes Dance Explorers class 3:30pm,  Music Explore Class 4:40pm and Choir 5:10pm

Suitable for children in Kindergarten.

Cost $100 or the Creative Kids Voucher

Located at Hinchinbrook Community Centre

Educationally sound programs that will expand your child's knowledge and skills in dance and music.  Each week they will grow more confident as they explore new concepts through age appropriate activities that will have them smiling with joy and singing with enthusiasm.

Juniors 5 Week Class Pass

Tuesdays from 4:15pm

Includes Junior Dance class 4:15pm,  Choir 5:00pm and Junior Music Class 5:50pm

Suitable for children in Yr 1 and 2 at school

Cost $100 or the Creative Kids Voucher

Located at Hinchinbrook Community Centre

From playing and creating music  to learning the art of dance.  The Junior's Program at Hope Performing Arts Centre sets children up for success by making it easy and fun for them to learn both the technical and artistic elements of music and dance.  You will be amazed at just how much your child will learn.

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