Fostering Creativity

Music expresses human thoughts and emotions far more powerfully then words ever can


Piano,  Violin and Vocal Lessons

Can you picture your child playing the piano as you are cooking dinner? Maybe it is the violin or even singing. Can you hear the beautiful music that flows through your house as your child is eagerly playing away on their instrument, working diligently on their weekly goals? They seem so content yet so focused, and hearing them play brings you so much joy.

Learning an instrument is such a wonderful thing for children to do. It provides them with a means of self-expression and creativity that go beyond words. Yet many parents worry that formal lessons will destroy their child's love of music or that getting their child to practice will create a battleground.

It doesn't have to be this way. At Hope Performing Arts Centre, we have gifted, qualified teachers who love nurturing children's confidence and musical potential through engaging lessons, age-appropriate method books and games. We also provide a support system for parents that helps them to encourage high-quality child lead practice sessions at home. Because of this, our students are far more confident musically and progress far quicker than the average instrumental student.

Miss Emma is very passionate about music and is extremely patient with children. It's very evident that she has so much experience with teaching children of all ages to learn and appreciate music. We couldn't be happier with our experience and would highly recommend this centre. - Rod Agassi

Young Beginners Piano Classes

At Hope Performing Arts Centre, we know that young children have different learning needs and that the traditional approach to teaching an instrument can lead to frustration. We have developed a group-based program that supports the learning needs of 5 and 6 years olds, ensuring that they can progress just as quickly as our older students. In fact, most of our young beginners can play their favourite tunes like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Old Macdonald" by reading real music in as little as 15 lessons.

For children aged 5 and 6

Beginners Instrumental Classes

Helping beginner students experience musical success is key to building their confidence as instrumentalists. Our beginner instrumental classes focus on the four vital skills students need to be successful; note reading, rhythmic fluency, technical and aural skills. Our 1-hour group beginner classes ensure that your child has time to develop these skills and learn to play lots and lots of music on their instrument. Most of our beginner students complete their first method level in half the time of the average instrumental student.

We offer group instruction for piano, violin and singing for children aged 7 to 12 years

Private Instrumental Instruction

We offer high-quality private instruction on piano, violin and voice, with degree qualified teachers. Private lessons are tailored specifically to your child's learning needs and pace. Private lessons are offered for beginners through to tertiary level for children aged three and up for piano, five and up for violin and eight and over for voice.

Places are limited in both are private and group lessons are limited.

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