Mini Musicians

Nurture your child's love of music

Parents often ask, "Is my child old enough to begin piano lessons?" The answer to this question is not straightforward. Children as young as three can begin learning the piano; however, most are not ready. Starting lessons on the piano or any instrument is a big decision. Learning to play an instrument is a journey that will take many years, and timing the start of those lessons must be at the right point in each child's development. Starting too early often results in little ones losing their passion and love for music (or, as one parent recently shared with me, it traumatized her son). Beginning too late can cause many teens and preteens to be frustrated because they are not progressing towards their goals fast enough.

So what should parents do if they have a very young child who is showing an interest in music and would like to nurture this interest? What if their young child begs for lessons and parents want proper piano instruction? For most young children, the best place to begin is in a pre-instrumental class like Mini Musicians.

Benefits of Mini Musicians Classes

Mini Musicians classes help very young children to:

  • Develop confident music-making skills in an environment that encourages creativity and musical immersion.
  • Build pre-instrumental skills on age-appropriate instruments, and develop pre-reading notation skills, rhythmic competency, aural awareness and musical sensitivity.

and support parents with resources that help: 

  • Develop their child's fine and gross motor skills, which are essential for successful instrumental learning.
  • Build a musical environment at home that will nurture their child's love of music. 

Program Inclusions

Mini Musicians Classe

  • One 45-minute music skills-building session per week - These classes are the core component of the Mini Musicians program. Each session includes songs, games and activities vital for young developing musicians.

Family music sessions

  • Children are highly motivated to learn when they have shared experiences with their parents. The family music sessions help parents to feel confident creating and making music with their children.

Musical Moments newsletter -

  • These newsletters provide information about at-home activities for your child, as well as our monthly listening guide and informative blog posts and videos that will help you as a parent feel confident supporting your child's musical development.

Instrument readiness assessment -

  • 4 times a year, our director will assess your child's musical competency and provide you with a detailed report. Children who demonstrate instrument readiness are offered a place in one of our Young Instrumentalist programs. (If no places are available in YIP, your child will be placed at the top of the waitlist.)

Micah loved his first music class! His face lights up whenever we talk about it. I'm impressed with how the class is fun and engaging, yet still teaches lots of content that will give him a good foundation in music knowledge. -Winnie

Ready for Piano Lessons?

We offer high quality one on one piano lessons to children for children aged 3 to 5 years.  The petite pianists program requires a high level of commitment from both the child and the parent

For more information about our petite pianists program or to apply please submit your details below.