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Young children can learn to sing too!

Many years ago, when I was completing my bachelor of music at Newcastle Conservatorium, there was this prevailing belief that singers did not begin singing lessons until they were well into their teen years.  Many of the singers that attended the conservatorium at that time had only completed their third-grade examinations. For us pianists, we were at least to have completed eight-grade and be working on our AMUS diplomas to gain entry. The belief back then and still now to an extent was that training young voices before they broke was dangerous.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and it was my then 15-year-old daughters turn to begin her journey with singing lessons.  To my surprise, her teacher told me that she had perhaps started too late to get to the level she needed to be at to gain entry into the conservatorium. Too late? How could that be? Her voice was still settling, and wasn’t it dangerous to learn to sing before that?

My daughter’s singing teacher’s comments led me to begin researching singing lessons for young voices, and to my surprise, I discovered that what we believed about vocal training 20 years earlier had moved on.  The fact is that young children can learn to sing safely and develop beautiful singing voices.  The key is to find a teacher who understands the developing voice and safe singing practices for young children and to understand as a parent that learning to sing for young children is a journey.  A journey that will take many years and that some singing techniques and styles are best left until a child is well into their teen/adult years.

The best place to start singing lessons is in a one-on-one program that will nurture your child’s voice safely.  A program that provides them with appealing age-appropriate lessons and engaging materials, creating lessons that will have your child smiling and loving every minute.

Introducing Little Singers

A vibrant singing program designed specifically for the young singer (Children aged 4 - 7 years)

Here is sample of what your child will experience as part of the Little Singers program

  • Progressive lessons that help your child develop musical confidence (We teach more than just ‘songs’. We teach our singers to be musicians)
  • Age-appropriate songs that develop essential vocal skills while being engaging and fun to learn at the same time.
  • One on One lessons that support your child’s individual development as a singer
  • Teacher/Student duets and professionally recorded backing tracks that help your child sound good right from the very first singing lesson

Program Inclusions

Weekly Personalised Lessons

Each week your child will develop new vocal skills in short private age-appropriate singing lessons. The “Little Singers” program teaches your child several short songs a week that focus on advancing vocal skills appropriately so that they feel confident and happy singing. 90% of studios teach students to sing by focusing on learning only one or two songs over several weeks or months with lots of corrections every week that your child has to remember to practice at home on their own.

The Little Singers Toolbox

Outside lesson time, your child will have access to loads of activities to engage in in-between lessons.  Including the Wacky Warm-Ups, Sing-Along Tracks for all the songs they are learning, The Tongue Twister Tournament, and so much more to keep your child happily singing and developing a musical voice.

The Young Singers Voice Parents Guide

In this parent guide, you will discover how the young voice develops, the difference between singing lessons and vocal coaching, and how best to support your child with their developing voice.  It will also give you an insight into how we choose age-appropriate music for our students that is fun to sing and sounds grown-up.

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