Little Adventures


A collaborative performing arts program that beautifully integrates music, dance and drama education to ensure that every child has a chance to build solid foundations that will give them confidence on the stage and in life.

Little Adventures

"Little Adventures" provides an engaging and nurturing performing arts learning environment designed especially for growing preschoolers aged 3 to 5 years.   

Open the door to your child's imagination as they step into a world of wonder and delight.  See the joy in their smile as they learn the foundations of music, dance and drama, through play based activities that are designed to cultivate your child's creativity and thinking skills.

Micah loved his first class! His face lights up whenever we talk about it. I'm impressed with how the class is fun and engaging, yet still teaches lots of content that will give him a good foundation......  - Winnie

What happens in a "Little Adventures"class?

During a "Little Adventures" class your child  participate in themed play based movement, music and dramatic exercises to engage the body, voice and imagination in creativity, and self-expression.  Classes are tailored to the developmental and creative needs of individual children.

Your child will adore the beautiful props as they move to the music and will be delighted as the sing new songs and learn new ryhmes and poems and meet new friends as they explore each new adventure..

"I was amazed at how much he has learned... The songs and activities are simple enough that he can come home and practice on his own which he does without any encouragement"- Melissa 

Learning Framework

At Hope Performing Arts Centre,  we love educating children in the performing arts.  We love thier smiles as they discover a new skill, and their joy as they learn to connect what they are learning to real life situations.  This is why our programs have been designed with the understanding of how children learn best and age appropriate Performing Arts Outcomes in mind.  As your child progresses through the Little Adventures Syllabus you can expect that they will learn and become confident in the following areas

  • Develops an understanding of how the body moves in space and how it can be used to express a character.

  • Discovers how a variety of sounds are made and can use labels for those sound.

  • Engages in storytelling as a means of discovering the world around them

  • Uses the performing arts as an age appropriate means of self expression

  • Begins to understand how they can participate in community and culture through the performing arts

Little Adventures at Home Program

Let your child discover the world of the performing arts with our Free "Little Adventures at Home" program.  Get to know our teachers,  receive video lessons and worksheets for your child and so much much more.  Simply click the button below to sign up