Learn Music

Children naturally love music.  They are hardwired to move and make sounds in response to music. It is part of their culture, community and, as they grow, it becomes part of their identity.  Children who learn music are better equipped to respond to music and are more confident taking part in a variety of musical activities.

"Micah (3) loved his first music class! His face lights up whenever we talk about it. I'm impressed with how the class is fun and engaging, yet still teaches lots of content that will give him a good foundation in music knowledge." - Winnie

Children who learn music at Hope Performing Arts Centre are given the opportunity to thrive through age-appropriate musical activities and songs.  They love playing the xylophone and strumming the ukulele.  They thrive as they explore musical notation through making music on recorders and xylophones.  They love every minute of lessons so much that they keep singing and making music all week long at home.

I like music class because it is fun when we play games and make music together.  It has helped me to become a better musician.  Elliana (12 Student)

"Music is one of the only ways to specifically and continuously develop our Auditory perception". (Auditory perception is our ability to hear and process sound) – Dr Bronson Harry 

Children can begin classes at Hope Performing Arts Centre from birth to adult.  Instrumental lessons are available and are offered at an age appropriate level.  You can find out move about instrumental lessons by clicking below