Learn an Instrument

Our goal at Hope Performing Arts Centre is to develop in students a lifelong love of music and a joy for playing their instrument. From an age appropriate approach to note reading skills to performance opportunities, our students are given strong musical foundations from which to explore a wide variety of musical repertoire.

“ Coming from a non musical back ground, Morris (7) is thriving at Hope Performing Arts Centre. His love of the piano grows every week.  Every other music school does just Piano, Hope gives you the knowledge of music and also piano. Hope makes it fun for the kids!! - Nisha

Private instrumental lessons on Piano, Violin and Voice are provided by qualified teachers in a safe, nurturing environment that focuses on helping your child reach their full musical potential.  Children at Hope Performing Arts Centre love exploring instrumental technique through games, stories and songs. 

By providing solid musical and technical foundations, we help our students to become confident musicians who love to be challenged and to grow musically.  The joy that they have for learning music is so evident that parents are frequently telling us how much their child enjoys playing their instrument at home.

“Rowan (6) has worked out the melody by ear...we often hear her tinkering around with melodies she knows... great teaching” - Matthew

Our job as instrumental teachers is to encourage every student to be able to read, play and make musical decisions for themselves, and that our role becomes redundant. – J Carrigan – (Piano Lecturer Sydney Conservatorium).