Learn Dance

Dance at Hope Performing Arts Centre is different.  Our goal is to help children use dance as a medium to communicate, and as a place to find their own self-expression.  Each lesson includes technical foundations, dance learning and creative movement.  Our students love being able to express themselves in free movement time.  They are inspired to work towards their own goals as they are encouraged to focus on dance technique that is both correct and musical.

“I can’t help it. My body just moves to the music” – Eddison (7 student).

Our students love dancing with props, with partners and to all sorts of age appropriate music.  Each lesson brings something new and exciting and every student skips out of class with a smile on their face.

"Rhianna (6) just loves every minute of every class and is begging to come every day" – Basma

"Freestyle dancing or improvising, which requires quick decision-making, is key to creating new neural pathways, which make it easier for the brain to store and access information. So, while learning new routines in class is great for your child’s brain development, dancing around the room creating a new dance is great for maintaining cognitive function". – Sydney Dance Company