Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is it like to Learn at Hope Performing Arts Centre?

Our students love being at Hope Performing Arts Centre.  They love working with each other to polish a performance and engage in creativity. They feel supported to do their best,  encouraged to explore the possibilities of dance and music and they have a whole lot of fun along the way.

We frequently hear from parent that their child just loves coming so much that they would come every day if they could.


Where is Hope Performing Arts Centre Located?

HPAC is located at 12 Brinsmead Avenue Middleton Grange and Hinchinbrook Community Centre (8 Partridge Ave Hinchinbrook).


Can I watch my child's class?   

For most classes (excluding the Music with Me classes) parents are requested to stay in the waiting areas.  Sometimes a child will need their parent and in this case we will invite the parent to sit at the back of the room during the session.


What performance opportunity are available to my child? 

Each term HPAC has a performing event that your child can participate in.  In week 10 of terms 1 and 3 we have encore week.  During encore week your child's class will be open for you to watch and during this time the class will perform an item for the parents.  The intermediate and senior classes also put on a mini in-house concert during their class time in encore week in which students perform some of their solo work.

Mid Year Show and Black Out.  The Mid year show is a highlight of the year for the younger students at HPAC as they get to perform on stage with there classes in a musical play written by the staff.  Black Out is a recital that the older students participate in that features solo and group performances.

Showcase.  At the end of every year students participate in showcase, this is a performance event to celebrate the years work.  

Choir, Band and Senior students are also given performance opportunities outside of the centre.


Can I have 2 children attend the same class? 

If both children are in the same age group then they are most welcome to be in the same class.  If you have children in different age groups we recommend that they attend a group that is appropriate to their ages.


What if I miss a lesson? Can I have a refund? 

Just like Soccer, Swimming, and Preschool, if your child misses a lesson we cannot give that spot to anyone else as we reserve that spot specifically for your child. This is why we do not offer refunds.  

For private instrumental lessons we do offer makeup lessons through a booking system that allows parents to book a make up lesson time during a time when another student is going to be absent.  (Our staff do not make up lessons outside their regular working hours).


Do you take the Creative Kids Bonus? 

Yes we do.