a nurturing enviroment where children feel confident to explore and grow in their understanding of music dance and drama


"Explorers" provides an engaging and nurturing performing arts learning environment designed especially for children in kindergarten and year 1 at school

Now your little one has entered big school,  they are learning to read, write stories and a whole range of new skills.  They are eager to explore and create and this is why the "Explorers" program is designed to gently move children from the play based activities involved in the "Little Adventures Program"  to inquiry based learning that is the foundation of our "Junior Programs".  

My daughter has been attending classes here and she absolutely loves it! The teachers are very patient and knowledgeable and I know my daughter is supported and encouraged to grow and learn in a safe environment. - Maggie

What happens in an "Explorers"class?

An "Explorers" class is where students begin to develop more formal skills in the performing arts.  Each class is split into 3 sections (music, dance and drama) that build on and expand the skills learnt in the "Little Adventures" class.

Each week your child will be so engaged in exploring the perfroming arts throught activities such as games, songs, movement activities, speech exploration, and character play just to name a few that they will be just bursting to come each week.

Designed to develop your child's confidence, communication skills, music and movement skills, critical and creative thinking skills,  the "Explorer's" performing arts program is just the right place for your growing young performer.

Andrew just loves coming to lessons each week. He is always asking me if it’s music lesson day he loves it so much” – Anne

Learning Framework

At Hope Performing Arts Centre,  we love educating children in the performing arts.  We love thier smiles as they discover a new skill, and their joy as they learn to connect what they are learning to real life situations.  This is why our programs have been designed with the understanding of how children learn best and age appropriate Performing Arts outcomes in mind.  As your child progresses through the "Explorers" syllabus you can expect that they will learn and become confident in the following areas:

  • Usinging and exploring their singing voice.

  • Discovers and understand musical symbols and how they represent sound (begin to develop an awareness of musical notation)

  • Demonstrating control, co-ordination and awareness of the body and how it moves to music

  • Is able to use movement expressively and to creativively in response to music and character stimulus

  • Is developing the expressive speaking voice and is becoming confident in delivering short poems or prose

  • is developing an understanding of stage craft, character and is confident participates in short live productions

  • Uses skills and knowledge to create short scripts, musical compositions and dance choreography.

Book a Trial

We would like to invite you and your child to discover our "Explorers" program,  with a 2 week trial in one of our "Explorers" classes,  to book your child in for a trial and to receive more information about the program simply fill in the form below.  

Current class taking trial students is held at Heckenberg Community Centre at 10:15am Saturdays.  Children must be registered to attend the trial.