Enrolment 2020

We are welcoming enrolments at Hope Performing Arts Centre for 2020.

To enrol, click the program below that you wish to enrol your child in (read the discription of each program to ensure that you are choosing the right program for your child.  Complete each page of the enrolment form to ensure that your child's enrolment is fully process.  (Please note that the form saves at the end of each page so if you need to leave the form at anytime we can send you a link for where you are up to so that you can complete the process.

If you are enroling more than one child or the same child in more than once program you will be given the oppertunity to add thier enrolment before completing the enrolment process.

Enrolments will be finalised once the annual enrolment fee/s are paid. 

The Early Childhood Program at Hope Performing Arts Centre is for children aged 3 to 7 years and includes the Little Adventures Class and Piano Explorers Class

Group Programs at Hope Performing Arts Centre include the beginner dance and instrumental classes as well as recreational instrumental and dance classes

Hope Performing Arts Centres Pre-examination program is a preparation instrumental program for young students who would like to be considered for the examination program in 2021.

Hope Performing Arts Centres Examination Program is an invitaion only program for students wishing to do AMEB Instrumental examinations. Enrolments to this program are only processed if you have recieved an invitaion from the director to join the program in 2020