Developing Confidence

Drama helps children to find their voice so that they can speak confidently and express themselves clearly.


Imagine your child giving a confident speech at school. They begin their presentation with a funny joke, delivered with humour and expression and has the whole class laughing. As the laughter subsides, your child continues confidently maintaining the audience's interest by using an expressive voice and eye contact. The speech ends, and the whole room fills with loud applauses.

Is this what you want for your child? The confidence to deliver speeches in class, the ability to hold an engaging conversation with friends and family, the boldness to take the stage and become a character that commands the audience's attention.

Drama classes at Hope Performing Arts Centre are just that. A place where children develop the confidence and skills to communicate effectively with others.

Ivy thoroughly enjoys drama class. - Solange

What happens in Drama lessons?

In our Drama classes, we let kids be kids and encourage them to explore who they are and how to communicate effectively through practical, fun and educationally based skill-building games, improve session, and collaborative work.

Each lesson, our degree qualified teachers encourage students to develop a love of language, a passion for communication and the skills to speak courageously.

For more information or to see one of our drama classes in action click the link below to book a trial lesson