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Don't let your creative kids voucher go to waste

Give your child the gift of music with a 4-week pass to selected instrumental classes at Hope Performing Arts Centre.

Develop your child's love of music

With the creative kid's voucher program coming to a close on June 30th 2023 we are offering new families to our studio the opportunity to discover the joy of learning a musical instrument with 4 weeks of either violin, piano or vocal lessons for the cost of the creative kids' voucher. (normally valued at $130

Start your child's musical journey with age-appropriate engaging instrumental lessons

Our lessons are designed to fully engage your child in a way that makes learning music fun and easy.  This means all our materials, games and resources are designed to give your child the best start based on their age.

No Experience Needed

The 4-week class pass is for students who are just starting their musical journey. Your child will be provided with an instrument at the studio to play during lessons during the 4-week pass. They will also be provided with all the musical resources they will need to begin making music at our studio.


We want your child to really love music and the 4-week pass gives you and your child time to explore their musical potential.

Creative Kids Voucher 4-Week Pass

Fill in the form below to book your child's Creative Kids Voucher Pass.  Places are limited and vouchers must be submitted via the form below before 29/6/2023 so that we have time to claim them prior to them expiring. 

We have a limited number of places and class times available for the creative kid's voucher 4-week pass.

Don't let your child miss this fantastic opportunity to experience the joy of learning music. 

Book a class today.


We are located at Unit 6 36-40 Whyalla Place Prestons if you have any questions call Emma on 0432 685 383