Creative Kids Trial Piano Session

Creative Kids Trial - Piano Lessons

Can you imagine it?  A home filled with beautiful music that is created by your child as they practice the piano.  Music that allows them to express themselves and bring joy to all those who hear them.  Can you imagine having a child who loves going to piano lessons each week and who is so enthusiastic about playing the piano at home that you rarely have to remind them to practice.

At Hope Performing Arts Centre,  your child has the opportunity to grow as a musician with

  • Weekly one on one age and stage appropriate lessons that ensure that your child feels known and supported as they go on their own unique music learning journey.
  • Game, worksheets and practice challenges that will support their learning and grow their musical confidence in lessons and at home during their practice sessions
  • Weekly Feedback to help parents see their child's musical growth first hand.
  • Air-conditioned studio rooms filled with natural light,  equiped with high quality acoustic and electric pianos so that your know your child will be able to learn their best every lesson.
  • Open door policy - that's right,  you can come and watch your child's piano lesson any time.

Does this sound like something that your would like for your child? 

Find out what it is like to learn piano at Hope Performing Arts Centre with a 4 week Creative Kids Trial

The trial will include

  • 4 x 20 minute one on one lessons - one per week for 4 week, with one of our piano teachers
  • High quality music and lesson materials will be included for each lesson and will be yours to keep after the trial ends
  • Piano Parents Guide - Help your child learn to love making music at home with our unique guide that will walk you step by step through the process our director used with her own children.  This will ensure that your child feels both energised and supported during each home practice session and will eliminate most if not all the practice battles that many piano parents face.

The creative kids trial is just $100 or completely free if you use your NSW creative kids voucher

Check out the student performances below and see how much our students love playing the piano

Miss Emma is very passionate about music and is extremely patient with children. It's very evident that she has so much experience with teaching children of all ages to learn and appreciate music. We couldn't be happier with our experience and would highly recommend this centre. - R Aggasi