Could you Hug a Cactus Registration and Audition Form

We use this to help us decide which role would best suit your child
You can select more then one option however your child will only be given a role in one of the casts
Tick all the options that your child can attend
One of the roles depicts a younger child who likes to ride a tricycle and carry their blanket - Would your child be comfortable playing this role?
One of the roles is about a child who does Karate, some understanding of this could be helpful to the role
Please upload your child's video to a video sharing platform i.e google drive, youtube vimeo as an unlisted video and share the link here.
Agreeing to the above forms a media consent that allows us to air the final production, plus highlights of the production.
The $200 fee will be invoiced to you as soon as we have accepted your child's audition. This will be done before final roles are assigned - please be assured that all students who are accepted will have feature solo roles throughout the musical.