Dear Piano Student

Dear Piano Student, You sit here at the tender age of 6 on the piano stool and try so hard with your little fingers to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and your joy as you master it is so precious to me. I see in you so much potential, but the road ahead is […]

5 Benefits of Preschool Performing Arts Lessons

  At the ages of three and four, your child’s brain becomes very receptive to sound and language acquisition. Research is starting to show that there is a distinct correlation between children who have been involved in active music learning and their language and reading ability.  When you combine the study of music with dance […]

3 P’s of Preschool Piano

Learning the piano as a pre-schooler will give your child a fantastic head start in their musical journey.  Nurturing a love of music is a key ingredient in the process of becoming a good musician. There are three vital ingredients in fostering a child’s initial love for music and for ensuring that they will make […]

Music with Me Meet Up – June Bugs

June Music with Me Meet Ups:  – June Bugs Stimulate your babies senses as she explores the world of butterflies and ladybugs in this beautifully crafted session just for caregivers and babies age 0 – 2.  We’ll be buzzing like bees, and wriggling like caterpillars as we explore the songs of the June bugs. Music […]

Bonding with you Baby

Lullabies are a beautiful way to connect with your baby.  I remember when our children were little, singing and rocking them to lullabies bought comfort to them as they closed their little eyes to sleep, these are memories I cherish.  They are also memories that impacted my children’s lives now as older teens and adults […]

Music Connects Us

Music has been recognised throughout history as an integral part of the human experience.  A song can bring a memory back to us as if it were yesterday and A familiar tune can bring us comfort.  It is no wonder that music has power far beyond the words that are sung. Researchers are now finding […]