Four Things Successful Piano Parents Do

When children begin piano lessons both their parents and their teacher hold the hope that the child will develop a love of music.  However, somewhere in the process despite a teacher’s attempts to provide motivating, age-appropriate materials some students quickly find piano lessons hard and begin to feel that they just don’t have what it […]

How much do music lessons cost in 2023?

When parents first start looking for music lessons for their children, they want to know how much it will cost them. I often hear questions like “how much do private piano lessons cost?”, “How much are group violin lessons?” “Can I get a good singing teacher for $20 a lesson?” How much music lessons should […]

Five Characteristics Kids Who Love Music Have In Common

Yesterday, Alison’s new piano books arrived at the studio, she was very excited. She joyfully turned each page, trying to pick the perfect piece to learn first. Alison, like many of the students who learn at Hope Performing Arts Centre fell in love with playing her instrument. Playing the piano regularly has become part of […]

Is my Child Ready for Piano Lessons?

When Maria brought her son Ryan to HPAC for his very first piano lesson, she could already see him filling their house with music. Ryan bounded into the piano room and popped straight up onto the piano bench; you could tell by the smile on his face that he couldn’t wait to get started. His […]

The Power of Sight-Reading

Lisa comes to lessons every week very excited to show me what she has learned.  Listen to me first, she exclaims in piano class, hoping this week she has finally mastered that piece.  As I listen to her piece, I bite my tongue as she plays,  pausing at every second bar, corrects every 7th note, and the rhythm […]

The Benefits of Performing Arts Lessons

The benefits of being preschool performing arts lessons are wide ranging. Aside from helping them develop foundation skills in music, dance and drama, educational based performing arts lessons will also help your child gain many skills that will be useful for them as they prepare for formal schooling. Music Learning and participating in musical activities […]