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In 2017 I was teaching a demonstration singing class for a local playgroup. After class, I was chatting with another local singing teacher who happened to have his daughter attending the playgroup. We discussed the pros and cons of the different methods available for teaching singers whose voices had broken (yes, girls’ voices break too). But like most singing teachers and vocal coaches, he did not engage in teaching singing to children whose voices were unbroken.

Teaching singing to children whose voices are unbroken can be tricky, as they have yet to develop the muscles that will later support their adult voices. Teachers teaching very young singers need to understand the limitations of young voices and choose a safe method.

Zoltan Kodaly was a Hungarian composer from the early 20th Century who had a deep passion for education. He believed that music was for everyone and that children should learn to sing from a young age. Below are four reasons Hope Performing Arts Centre uses the Kodaly method and how it benefits young children.

The Kodaly method provides a safe, reliable way to train young voices.

Few singing methods will help young children develop clear in-tune voices without risking their vocal health. Using simple folk songs that sit comfortably within a young child’s natural range, and games that break up the time a child is singing promotes a safe singing environment. The Kodaly method ensures that students are not overusing or improperly using their voices while they learn to sing.

The Kodaly method provides opportunities to develop musical skills such as sight singing, note reading, and rhythmic understanding.

The Kodaly method is both an aural and a sight method; it allows young children to develop their musical understanding as they learn to sing. Acquiring musical skills such as singing in time, reading musical notation, and understanding musical phrasing helps young singers to become well-rounded musicians.

The Kodaly method allows students to develop creative skills.

The Kodaly method encourages students to work creatively with music. Each Kodaly group singing lesson contains guided songwriting activities that support a progressive musical understanding, encouraging children to develop their unique musical style.

The Kodaly method provides opportunities to develop social skills and lifelong friendships.

The Kodalay method is a group-based approach that encourages young children to sing together. Singing together helps children develop friendships, teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others.

Our vocal teacher Mirabel Shields has used elements of the Kodaly method to create a method book and program for very young singers. The program develops clear in-tune singing voices and a deep appreciation of music. The Young Singers method book and Kodaly-inspired program are exclusive to our studio and have been foundational in promoting healthy singing habits in young children and a life-long love of music. If you have a young child between the ages of 4 and 8 who would like to begin their singing journey and want to learn more about our Young Singers Kodaly-inspired singing method, join us for a taster class. Click the button below.

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