How much do music lessons cost in 2023?

When parents first start looking for music lessons for their children, they want to know how much it will cost them. I often hear questions like “how much do private piano lessons cost?”, “How much are group violin lessons?” “Can I get a good singing teacher for $20 a lesson?”

How much music lessons should cost is a simple question to answer. Every year the NSW Music Teachers Association posts its recommended minimum rates for teachers/music schools to charge.  

The rates for 2023 are as follows;

(please note that your child may have anywhere between 36 to 48 lessons in a year depending on the structure of the studio/teachers program)

$96 ($105.60 with GST included) per hour for a private one-on-one lesson. This equates to $48 ($52.80 with GST Included) for the standard beginner one on one 30-minute private instrumental lesson


$130 ($143 with GST included) for a group based 1-hour lesson. This equates to $32.5 ($35.75 with GST) per child for a 1-hour group class with 4 children in the class.

NSW Music teachers association 2023 rates

The NSW MTA rates are the minimum you can expect to pay for instrumental lessons for your child in 2023. Some teachers charge significantly more than the MTA minimum recommended rates(some charge as much as $250 per hour). Some teachers charge less. When budgeting for and researching music lessons, you should use the MTA as a guide.  

On top of the lesson fees, you will also need to set aside money for books. Music method books cost anywhere between $100 – $300 a year. You will also need to purchase an instrument; the initial cost will be between $200 – $10000 depending on the instrument your child will be learning. Set aside time in your child’s first lesson with their teacher to discuss the options for purchasing your child’s first instrument.

Beware of cheap rates.

As mentioned, there are teachers whose rates are significantly less than the MTA recommended rate. Be wary of these rates. Teachers may undercharge for lessons for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are listed below:

  • They are brand new to teaching, or they have limited skills in playing their instrument.  


  • They are new in the area. A seasoned teacher who has recently moved into an area may undercharge to build their profile. Once they have grown their reputation, they begin to raise their prices.
  • They teach as a hobby. Hobby teachers are often not interested in money. They usually have a small number of students that they work with on a casual basis. Some of these teachers take months off teaching to pursue other interests.

Getting a cheaper rate on lessons will not guarantee a bargain. If you are on a budget, consider getting your child into a high-quality group class program. These programs are a great way to start learning an instrument and often produce similar results to private lessons – particularly in the beginner stage.

Final Thoughts

There are often regional factors at play when teacher prices their lessons. Northern and inner suburbs of Sydney may charge much higher than the MTA rates. Western Sydney, South-West Sydney and regional areas can sometimes be slightly under the MTA rates.

Some teachers include extras in their rates. They may include books, extra classes (like theory classes) or online courses within their standard lesson rate. So these things need to be considered if you are comparing prices.  

As you begin your search for a piano, violin or guitar teacher in 2023 be aware that rates may vary. Teachers sometimes offer inclusions in their prices, including extra classes or books. 

Finally, when selecting a teacher for your child, the focus should be on finding a teacher that best fits your child and the musical outcomes that your desire for them. If you are currently looking for a piano, violin, singing, or guitar teacher for your child why not book a free trial at Hope Performing Arts Centre? Located in Prestons in South West Sydney. Click the button below to begin booking your free trial today.

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