How to help your child develop more confident communication.

Recently I saw an interesting post on Facebook that made several assumptions about children, their use of technology and how it affects their ability to communicate.

This assumption puzzled me somewhat as 30 years ago, I would have been one of those kids. I would have had my head down on the desk, trying my best to avoid all conversation and praying the bell would just ring so I could go home.

Back then, there were no devices to play on, and my after school relief came in the form of playing the piano, writing music and reading books. The thing was, I was an incredibly shy child and outside my social group, I kept my head down and worked. If we ever had free time, I spent it reading a book or drawing or looking out the window daydreaming. This all changed when I got to high school, and one of my English teachers had the great idea of getting me involved in the school debating team. I quickly learned how to give a speech and maintain eye contact with the adjudicator because, as shy as I was, I still wanted our team to win.

The problem with being shy and lacking confidence at school is that it can hold children back from interactions that help them develop socially and academically. Feeling too afraid to raise their hand in class or too shy to start a conversation with their peers can leave a child feeling lonely and helpless at school. Helping a child overcome their shyness and build confidence speaking in public is a skill that will empower them for life.

Today I want to share with you four simple games you can play with your child at home that can help build their confidence with verbal and non-verbal communication. If you click on the poster, it will take you to a download so that you can print it off for future reference.

Have you noticed something about all these games? That’s right, they are all drama games. Taking drama lessons is another great way to help your child build their verbal and non-verbal communication skills and grow their confidence.

At Hope Performing Arts Centre, we know that communicating effectively to be heard and understood is one of the most powerful tools a child can have. This is why our drama classes are full of games and activities that develop communication skills. Check out our drama classes by clicking the link below.

Drama Classes

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