What’s the Weather Game

What crazy weather we are having at the moment in Australia.  From 47 degree days to 4 days straight of rain creating flash flooding it really is that crazy.   Learning about the weather is the focus of our current performing arts unit for our Little Adventures Class from windy days, to the cold snow, to thunder storms and rain our youngest students will be dancing, singing and acting their way through the next 4 weeks.

To help our students continue the fun of each class at home we have creates a game that parents can play with their child.  Playing our performing arts games with your child at home is both fun and helps your child develop good practice habits long before they begin formal, music, dance and/or drama lessons.  

What’s the Weather is a simple dice and card game that can be enjoyed by all the members of the family.  To play the game simply roll the dice and then turn over a card with the matching colour then each play takes turns at doing the activity on the card (or everyone can attempt to do the activity together).  The game ends when there are no more cards to turn over in a particular colour (i.e. if you have used all the green – Say cards then the game is over).

About the Cards

Blue cards are songs that we are singing in class.  If you are unsure of the songs check out our Spotify play list here

Purple Cards are acting cards, these cards are to encourage your child to use their imagination to act out the actions.

Pink Sound Cards.  – These cards are to help develop your child’s ear as they try to create weather sounds, feel free to use items that you have a home to help create the sounds of thunder storms or rain.

Yellow Move Cards – These cards are related to our dance activities and help students to practice their dance steps at home,  at these age these steps are very simple, you can use some of the music from the Spotify list for these cards so that your child get use to moving to music.

Green Say it Cards – These cards are short tongue twisters to help your child gain expand their vocabulary, we often use tongue twisters in to warm up the voice in vocal classes they are a fun way to engage students in exploring their voice.

Red Fingers Cards – these cards are to help develop children’s fine motor skills with their fingers.  In order for student to be able to play a musical instrument they need to have independence in their fingers by practicing different finger play activities we help our students develop these skills.  

To print a copy of the cards and dice simply follow this link. Happy playing