Getting Ready For Your Child’s First Dance Class

Your child’s very first dance class is a special time full of excitement and nerves.  For many children, a preschool dance class is often the very first activity that they take without their parent in the classroom. Not all children will feel confident participating in their first lesson and some may even just want to watch from the side.  Letting your child set their own pace will ensure that they feel confident participating in the class.  Whether your child is watching or participating in their first class, they are learning and discovering what it is like to take part in a dance class.

To help your child settle in we have some pointers to help you get them ready.

  • Help your child pick something to wear to their first lesson. 

The clothing they wear should be comfortable and allow them to move freely.  Avoid clothing with loose items that they could trip on or get tangled in.   If your child will be upset with taking their shoes and socks off for class, it may be helpful to buy them a pair of proper ballet slippers that fit their feet well.  If you have a daughter with long hair, please pull the hair back out of her face so that she will not be distracted by it during class.

  • Talk to your child about some of the things they will do in their first class.

In your child’s first lesson, they will get to learn how to move to music in many different ways like skipping, walking on toes, bending, and jumping.  Talking to your child about some ways in which they will move their bodies will help them become familiar with some of the language they will hear in class

  • Move to the music together.

Taking some time in the week before the your child’s first class to listen to and move to music together will help your child feel confident about dancing.  Also spending some time having your child copying your movements will help your child get used to listening, watching and copying the teacher.

  • After Class

After your child’s first class, talk to them about the steps they learned and the music they danced to.  Encourage them to show you what they have learned and have a go at doing it with them.  Dancing together every day will help them to remember the skills they learned in class and make them more confident in future lessons.

  • Future Dance Lessons

After your child’s trial period, if they choose to continue with dance lessons they will receive a dance outfit to wear to class that will help them feel part of the Hope Performing Arts Centre family.  As your child continues in lessons, they will become better at the dance steps and will even learn how to perform a series of steps in sequence, to create a dance.