3 P’s of Preschool Piano

Learning the piano as a pre-schooler will give your child a fantastic head start in their musical journey.  Nurturing a love of music is a key ingredient in the process of becoming a good musician. There are three vital ingredients in fostering a child’s initial love for music and for ensuring that they will make positive progress on the piano.  We call these the 3 P’s of Preschool Piano.

Play Based Learning

The main goal of a pre-schooler is to play, and it is through play that they learn.  The very best preschool piano lessons will include play based activates that build aural skills, note recognition and finger independence. Imagine your child learning correct hand posture by bouncing Douglas the dog on the dog house or note reading with finger puppet songs and games.  Hear them playing their favourite tunes on the piano as they engage in play based enquiry learning that will give them the confidence to play it over and over again.


Parent Involvement.

The children who make the most significant progress are the ones whose parents are engaged and supportive of what their child is doing.  The parents who respectfully observe their child’s lessons gain great insights into what their child needs to be doing to master new songs.  Your child craves your attention, so when you show an interest in what they are learning, they are more likely to engage enthusiastically, which will help them progress much quicker than a child whose parent is unengaged.



(just more playtime at the piano).

Regular practice or play sessions at the piano during the week are a must.  At four, your child will only need five to ten minute sessions, five days a week.  Make it an exciting part of the daily routine – something to look forward to.  During their practice time, pick some of their favourite activities from their lesson as well as the songs they learned.

Here are some ways to help them engage in their practice session:

  • Have them teach you how to play their pieces.
  • Challenge them to play them really fast or really slow.
  • Ask them to give you a mini concert.

Hope Performing Arts Centre can help your pre-schooler have a fantastic first experience learning the piano with our play-based group lesson program Piano Explorers.  You can find out more by following the link below

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