Bonding with you Baby

Lullabies are a beautiful way to connect with your baby.  I remember when our children were little, singing and rocking them to lullabies bought comfort to them as they closed their little eyes to sleep, these are memories I cherish.  They are also memories that impacted my children’s lives now as older teens and adults they play and sing the same songs (as well as others) and it still brings them comfort.


Lullabies give us time to pause, to stop and spend time precious time with our little one.  To create a bond and to share with them the beauty of music.  “Lullabying is a heartfelt bonding experience for parents and children alike,” Lisa Bonnár,

Bonnar – A Music Researcher describes these 3 effects that lullabies have on both mother and babies;

  1. It creates a unique musical connection that nurtures the parent-infant relationship. The singing of lullabies is experienced as a bonding moment that reaffirms the love the mother has for the child.
  2. A nightly ritual of lullabying at bedtime establishes a calming routine that provides the security a child needs to fall asleep. Providing this positive experience overtime may help create an atmosphere that discourages bedtime struggles
  3. When parents are able to calm their babies through the singing of lullabies they experience a sense of empowerment regardless of their musical ability.


If you are not sure where to start, here are 3 great lullabies for you to share with your baby.  One for singing and 2 for humming and rocking along to.

  1. Go To Sleep My Jamie

2. Hush, My Babe

3. Lullaby – Brahms

If you would like to learn some more lullabies a music class with your baby is an excellent place to expand your repertoire and to share music and rhyme with you baby.

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