Benefits from Participating in the Performing Arts

There is so much research out there that supports how music, dance and drama contribute positively to a child’s learning at school.  Just ‘Google it’ and you will find claims that it will help your child in mathematics, reading and even with their behaviour at school.  But the most positive benefits a child can have from engaging with the performing arts are simply those that will make them better musicians, dancers and actors.


So, here are four benefits your child will gain from participating in the performing arts:


  •  Your child will develop skills in story-telling.  The performing arts are about telling stories and conveying messages to an audience.  The performer who can tell a story convincingly through music, dance or drama, has learned the art of connecting with their audience.  This art of story-telling through the performing arts can be taught from the youngest of ages, and children who participate regularly in the performing arts are more likely to use the performing arts as part of their play, which reinforces their ability to communicate with others through the performing arts.


  •  Your child will develop the ability to work in a team.  Many musical items, dances and dramas are performed with others.  Through performing in a group, students learn to work together to play or dance in time or to dialogue with each other through the performance.  The ability to be able to follow the conductor or move in time with those around you or come in on cue helps children to develop a respect for their peers and the desire to work together to get the best result for the audience.


  •  Your child will learn to think creatively. Participating in the arts requires children to think about how sounds, movement and words flow together to create an idea or story. Working with these ideas, children can begin to develop their own artistic works.  By knowing what can be done and by experimenting with what is possible, children are can boldly create new music, dance and drama that can inspire and delight their audiences.


  •  Your child will develop a love of the arts.  Through participating in performing arts lessons, your child will develop an understanding of and love for the performing arts.   This will help them to become the future performers, creators and audiences that embrace a variety of art forms, both new and old.


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